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News June 7th 2006

Today’s news present the REXplorer, a location based sightseeing game that also uses the gestures of a user as an interaction technique. Also, Wireless Cities 2006 conference in Oulu, Finland is an interesting event that relates to the IPCity project. The 3rd European Conference on Visual Media Production is held in London, November 2006.

is a permanent and city core tourist sightseeing game presented by the Regensburg Experience Erlebnismuseum GmbH. It is a location based and gesture recognizing tourist game for smartphones. The players are equipped with a geo-positioning, intelligent measuring-apparatus allowing them to interact with characters residing inside landmark buildings using gestures. The REXplorer is jointly produced by RWTH Aachen University, ETZ Zürich and is partially sponsored by Nokia Research and Swiss National Science foundation.

Wireless Cities 2006 Conference
has just started in Oulu, Finland. Wireless Cities is an international event presenting wireless technologies and applications from a various points of view. New innovations, experiences, best practices and pilots from WLAN technologies, multimedia services, value networks, along with wireless public services and their applications, security issues, mobile learning and wireless health care will be discussed by and with international experts. A look to the future is taken as well. Interesting site visits and EXPO are also included in the Programme.

The 3rd European Conference on Visual Media Production (CVMP 2006) which is a part of the Institution of Engineering and Technology 2nd Multimedia Conference 2006 is held in London, 29th-30th November 2006. CVMP 2006 is the third in a series of events bringing together practitioners in media production from film, broadcast and games with researchers in imaging and graphics. CVMP provides a European forum for discussion of the latest research advances and state-of-the-art industry practice in content production and post-production.