2008 STORY workshops by STORI

STorytelling ORganization Institute

STORI is about appreciating story in all its textual, auditory, visual and embodied interactive richness, focusing on the arts of story noticing and story listening to improve organizations.

A Consultant/Client Workshop or more technical Researchers Workshop

In this highly interactive workshop consultants and their clients will have hands-on help with their client story projects, and will practice:

  • Sensemaking exercises to develop deeper story listening skills
  • Story eliciting techniques that value relationships
  • Methods to identify organization control narratives that impede living stories
  • Visual noticing of living stories and control narrative in organization strategy
  • Story sharing and networking with other story consultants and clients

PLACE: Holiday Inn (Independence Mall)ÐHistoric District in Philadelphia, PA.
TIME: Sun-Mon March 30-31, 2008, 9:30-6pm;
PRICE: $1,150 or $975 for two or more (price negotiable).

Researchers/ students interested in the science of narrative and story will study:

  • Differences in narrative and story theories
  • Research protocols and examples for qualitative scholarship
  • Story noticing, story listening, and living story theory and practice
  • Distinguishing “beginning, middle and end BME” story from complexity story
  • Methods for developing your own research projects
  • Story sharing and networking with other story scholars

PLACE: Holiday Inn (Independence Mall)ÐHistoric District in Philadelphia, PA.
TIME: March 26, 2008, (Wed) 9am-6pm;
PRICE: $220 for faculty/$150 grad students;
HALF-PRICE discount for scMOI attendees: $110 faculty/ $75 students www.scmoi.org

The STORI Team is led by Dr. David M. Boje, and together with Ken Baskin, Carolyn Gardner, Grace Ann Rosile, Jo Tyler, and Theodore Taptiklis, we offer the best of both scholarship and corporate experience– SEE Facilitators link at http://storytellingorganization.com for more information.

STorytelling ORganization Institute

STORI goes beyond story-telling to story listening and story noticing.

Story Noticing is the most important way people in organizations have to understand how they communicate identity, vision, change, and strategy. It is about tuning in to registries of tonality, energetics of the intersubjective, intertextual, and interpersonal spheres.

People and organizations are drifting through their days without noticing their own living story life. We believe the reason for this is that narrative aspires to be theory, to be a dead-text-form-model-abstraction.

Story Noticing is a new inquiry practice and method into the ways which story is dialogic, polyphonic, and relational. Story noticing is so important, we offer training in how to become more aware of the story being taken away in your interactions with customers, vendors, employees, and communities. We offer workshops to increase story noticing, story strategy and story intervention in Storytelling Organizations – See Workshops

STORI (STorytelling ORganization Institute) is the leading coalition of professional story practitioner/scholars.

For more information on the next workshop and to reserve your place contact David Boje email: dboje@peaceaware.com and garosile@zianet.com Phone: 575-532-1693 or SKYPE ‘davidboje’ – Let’s talk instead of email – storytelling is an oral way.

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