Fifth Eurographics workshop on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling

11-13 June 2008: SBIM 2008 Fifth Eurographics workshop on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling, Annecy, France co-located with NPAR 2008 and the Annecy Animation Film Festival.

Although computers are indispensable tools, pencil and paper still reign in the early stages of design in domains such as engineering, architectural design and in the entertainment industry, from 3D animation to video games. Enabled by advances in pen-based computer hardware, digital sketch-based interfaces are emerging as a way to combine the quick and intuitive feel of paper with the advantages of digital technology. However, fully realizing the potential of these sketch-based systems requires effective user interface design and underlying algorithms to analyse the input. Interpreting the users’ sketches as advanced 2D or 3D models is a fascinating research area that builds on human perception, shape recognition and geometric modeling techniques. In addition to sketching from scratch, many tasks related to modeling, editing and control can be made more efficient through systems that allow the user to annotate existing data, from text and diagrams to images, videos or 3D shapes.

The workshop will explore models, algorithms and technologies needed to enable effective sketch-based interfaces. It will investigate novel methods for classification and recognition of hand- drawn shapes, and the ways of using these techniques for creating or editing digital models, from text and 2D diagrams to 3D shapes. Likewise, the workshop will explore the application of sketch-based interfaces to domains as diverse as 3D computer graphics and animation, CAD, diagram editing, note taking, etc. Finally, the workshop will welcome empirical user studies aimed at clarifying the nature of sketch-based interfaces and comparing them to other interaction techniques.

Created in 2004, SBIM provides a unique venue for researchers and students interested in sketch-based techniques to interact with one another, share lessons learned, show new results and discuss open issues.

This year, the workshop will be held in Annecy, France, a friendly little town surrounded by the beautiful French Alps. It will take place during the famous Annecy Animation Film Festival and be held back to back with NPAR’2008 (the premier conference for techniques in expressive rendering and animation), encouraging participation in both events. The two-days workshop will include paper presentations (single track), coffee breaks, a social event and invited talks. All are welcome to attend the workshop; submission of a paper is not required for attendance.

The proceedings will be published in the EG Workshop series and made available online through the Eurographics Digital Library.

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