Ethnographic Praxis in Industry

15-18 October 2008: Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference (EPIC) 2008 “Loi, Daria A” Copenhagen, Denmark

NAPA/AAA’s Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference (EPIC) 2008

Call for Papers

The EPIC theme for 2008 is Being Seen: Paradoxes and Practices of (In)Visibility.

On the streets of Copenhagen you see bicycles everywhere. Neighborhoods of the worlds’ impoverished are as painfully visible to those who pass by or through them as they are invisible the halls of Wall Street. Businesses attempt to make performance of their firm visible through numbers and spreadsheets, while creativity is frequently referred to as “thinking outside the box.” Composers bring their music to light through notations and scores, chefs bring their art into view only to have it disappear, and voters attempt to have their opinions represented through the choices they make at the polls.

A conference is a chance to come together and show each other what we think and the things we do. At EPIC2008 we invite you to explore the paradoxes and practices of (In)Visibility and bring to light the concepts, theories, plans, worries, approaches and ideas that can expand and advance the practices of ethnographic work in and of industry. Submissions may be theoretical, conceptual, paradigm shifting or descriptive in nature. Submissions undergo a double- blind peer referee process and those selected for presentation will be published in the EPIC2008 Conference Proceedings. Submissions cannot have been previously published.

Papers: Abstract submission deadline April 18, 2008
Workshops: Proposal submission deadline May 19, 2008
Artifacts Submission deadline June 30, 2008 [Note updated deadline!]

We want you and your work to be seen! Come show your stuff – submit your paper, workshop or artifact now!

Melissa Cefkin (IBM Research) and Martha Cotton (HLB) EPIC2008 Co-Organizers

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