Urban Mapping: a DesignLeeds participative workshop

Note: this workshop has passed, but you may be interested in the workshop outcomes

9 April 2008: Urban Mapping: design tools, representation and usability — a DesignLeeds participative workshop.

The Leeds School of Architecture, Landscape and Design Leeds Metropolitan University

Speakers include:
Joost Beunderman – Demos
Alistair Turnham – MAKE Associates
Stephen Wikeley – Bauman Lyons Architects
David Barrie – independent director of urban renewal projects

Numerous architects, urban designers, artists and activists have innovated ways of understanding the complex cultural and social fabric of urban locations.

This workshop will interrogate some of these processes, opening up a debate as to their use and value. It will discuss systems for social and cultural mapping, the tools available for this, the possibilities of graphic representation and how the results of these processes may be made useful to end-users.

Joost Beunderman is an urban policy researcher at Demos and directed ‘Glasgow Dreaming’. Alistair Turnham is an expert in GIS mapping which he used in the PlaySpace Mapping project. Stephen Wikeley is a graphic designer at Baumam Lyons Architects. David Barrie directed Urban Farming, Middlesborough (Dott07) and the Wishing Tree Project, Chongqing.

The Leeds School of Architecture, Landscape and Design Hepworth Room Hepworth Point Claypit Lane Leeds LS2 8BQ.

Additional information: Fiona Bromiley, 0113 812 4087, G.F.Bromiley@leedsmet.ac.uk.

Workshop participants include: the Leeds LoveItShareIt forum; Bauman Lyons Architects; the Leeds Design Activism Group; staff and postgraduate students of The Leeds School of Architecture, Landscape and Design, Leeds Metropolitan University and the Dept. of Geography, Leeds University.

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