City Tales II

City Tales II is working towards establishing a digital layer over the urban tissue of a city that contains a story-telling environment based on participant’s input. The power of a community driven content creation approach has been shown in many Web 2.0 applications, such as encyclopedia , social networking portals and geo-information. Our aim is to focus this power to the creation of content into the digital layer of an urban environment, supported with easy to use yet powerful tools for mixed reality content creation.

As part of our work we developed a set of applications to play back mixed reality content on commercially available mobile devices (e.g. smart-phones) to support a large user basis, to perceive location based content on-site when strolling through a city. Based on standardized technology a custom server system was developed to provide data management and delivery functions. This flexible hybrid indexed storage of mixed reality data opens up new possibilities to create large-scale applications for presence related experiences.

Visitors to the Final Event exhibition in Vienna will have the chance to try out these systems under working conditions and discuss their ideas with the researchers.

City tales