CityWall is a large multi-touch display installed in a central location in Helsinki which acts as a collaborative and playful interface for the ever-changing media landscape of the city. The installation has been successfully running from the beginning of May 2007, and it has been part of several large-scale events and field-trials.

A new user interface designed to allow working with 3D objects was launched in October 2008. The new design enables multiple groups of content and multiple timelines to the content, which is now organized inside 3D worlds of information.

Visitors to the Final Event exhibition in Vienna will have the chance to see the different development phases of the multi-touch display on video, and also have a chance to try out a table-based multi-touch cell system running a variety of applications at the event.
CityWall 1 CityWall 3 CityWall 2

Left: The first 2D CityWall UI. Middle: Screenshot of new timeline implementation in re-design and testing phase. Right: 3D version in use.